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Breakers Collection brings classic ‘90s arcade fighting to Switch, PlayStation

Breakers, Breakers Revenge previously

Strictly Limited Games has announced a publishing deal with QUByte to release physical editions of Breakers Collection, which includes ’90s Neo Geo arcade fighters Breakers and Breakers Revenge.

Breakers Collection will be available as a boxed Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition and will be available to pre-order on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Pre-orders will begin on at 12 am CET on May 22nd at the Strictly Limited Games website.

Breakers Collection

Breakers Collection will include new content, quality-of-life improvements and an online multiplayer mode, according to the press release. Breakers is a 2D fighting game released by Visco on Dec. 17, 1996, for the Neo Geo MVS and arcades in Japan, with its sequel Breakers Revenge released on July 3, 1998.

“Originally released for the Neo Geo MVS platform as Breakers at the end of 1996, it was followed up with two Neo Geo home console ports that following year,” the announcement read. “As these retail editions were released exclusively in Japan, it made the game quite the rarity outside of its country of origin. To take the series further into video game obscurity, the follow-up game Breakers Revenge was only released as an arcade game, and this time it didn’t even end up being released for home consoles in Japan. And thus, it became quite the rarity… super rare, even.”

Breakers did receive a port on the SEGA Dreamcast (read the Dreamcast Junkyard review), which received Visco’s blessing. You can purchase Breakers on Dreamcast from Video Games New York.

As with other Strictly Limited Games offerings, Breakers Collection will be available in limited quantities. Nintendo Switch editions are limited to 4,000 copies, while PS4 and PS5 editions are set at 1,500 copies each.

Breakers Collection features

  • Up 10 characters with unique fighting styles (Eight in Breakers and 10 in Breakers Revenge)
  • Compete for life or death in the legendary FIST tournament in Arcade Mode 
  • Local two-player “classic” Versus Mode  
  • Training Mode (Breakers Revenge only)  
  • Online multiplayer featuring rollback net code with casual and ranked modes (Breakers Revenge only) 
  • Global online ranking boards (Breakers Revenge only) 
  • Art Gallery Mode
Breakers Collection Collector's Edition

What’s in the Breakers Collection box?

Want to know what’s in the Breakers Collection Collector’s Edition? It will contain the following:

  • Collector’s Edition box with magnetic latch
  • Game card/disc (NSW/PS4/PS5)
  • Epic reversible poster
  • Crystal legacy flyer
  • Color game manual
  • 10 character cards
  • Official CD soundtrack
  • 90’s karate headband
  • Two sweat wristbands
  • Lenticular K.O. card
  • Acrylic diorama
  • Breakers logo sticker

Breakers Collection will be available to pre-order on on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on May 22. Pre-orders will begin on May 22 on the Strictly Limited Games store. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on picking it up!

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