Binary Domain headed to PlayStation Plus in November

Sony’s PlayStation Blog published its November preview of what’s to come for us PlayStation Plus subscribers, and oh boy, do Sony owners have a lot to look forward to. Among the many great titles spread across the PlayStation Vita, PS3 and PS4, is Yakuza Team’s Binary Domain.

I reviewed the game shortly after it was released and gave it an Excellent score and had this to say about the game:

Binary Domain certainly surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to experience such a polished game, but given the track record of Yakuza Studio, I should have known better. The game’s story and gameplay aren’t anything new, but it builds upon the squad-based, third-person shooter in some very interesting ways.

Binary Domain was made available digitally on the PlayStation Network in early July for $20. The blog post didn’t specify when the game will be made available for free to download, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

Chris Powell

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