Backbone reveals PlayStation inspired mobile controller

Gaming on the go is becoming more accessible than ever. Each system offers cloud play of its consoles via remote apps. With this shift, it’s good to seek a fantastic controller to game through your phone on the go. That’s where Backbone comes in! And they now got PlayStation fans covered.

Backbone and PlayStation revealed today a collaboration of a new Backbone controller for mobile devices. The new pad has a white color scheme like the Dualsense controller for the PS5. You can check out the announcement tweet from PlayStation below.

I can attest personally that the Backbone is worth the price. I got one last year in black to use Xbox Game Pass on vacation. It worked flawlessly with any game I booted up. It’s worth the steep price if you enjoy mobile gaming.

As for the PlayStation element, I think the Remote Play app for the system still needs some work. It’s made strides in the last year, but it still suffers from buffering issues from time to time. This partnership tells me that PlayStation understands the market for streaming gaming is growing. Hopefully, we see progress to getting the Remote App closer to what Xbox is offering in its cloud service. 

The PlayStation Backbone controller is available for pre-order at $100. You can order it for iPhone and Android. Are you thinking about snagging one for your device? Let us know in the comments below!

Via Eurogamer

Alex Lehew

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