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Astebros, new title from Neofid Technology, launches new Kickstarter

Gear up, you rogues! Neofid Technology, the creators behind Demons of Asteborg are back with a new Kickstarter campaign. Astebros went live just two days ago with a goal of $54,570 USD. As of this writing, almost 50%- $26,971 has already been donated.

As we discussed last month, Astebros takes place before the events of Demons of Asteborg in the same universe. Long before the war that threatened to rip the Kingdom of Asteborg apart, humans and demons discovered the planet. However, those who went mysteriously disappeared. Three heroes set out to explore Asteborg and find treasures along the way.

Concept art of a dungeon level. The knight and mage are shown here. Credit: Neofid Technology.

Unlike the previous title developed by Neofid Technology, Astebros is a multiplayer Roguelite dungeon platformer. Each new game will be different from the last as the dungeons are randomly generated. Players can choose between three classes: Knight with short range attacks and good defense, Ranger, who’s archery skills are deadly accurate. She also comes with her own companion animal ready to join the fight. And finally, the Mage with skills in spellcasting and support.

 The game is fully playable as a multiplayer, but the developers have also included plenty of content for the solo player too. Boss battles are crucial to your team’s survival and “the game over will be final.”

Astebros releases on old school and new systems

Following the tradition set by Demon of Asteborg, Neofid plans to release Astebros on the SEGA Genesis and Megadrive consoles. Don’t have either of those? It will also be available on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Additionally, there are plans for a possible arcade cabinet release!

For those wanting to back the project, donations start at $2.00 for non-swag tiers and $22 for first tier rewards. The developers have some interesting goodies for backers, including digital copies of the game, artbooks, physical editions of the soundtrack and more. The campaign has 28 days left to go, so there’s plenty of time to join in the fun.

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