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ASAP Plz: A new Mega Drive game that relives the ‘fun’ of office life

Stuck working from home and missing the office? Well now there’s ASAP Plz, a Mega Drive/Genesis game that helps you relive the office good times… well not quite the good times. More like, those frustrating things about office life that make you happy to be “WFH”.

Developed by YRS TRULY and Good Praxis, ASAP Plz is a series of 4 time-based mini-games with a fun play on those niggling things about office life:

  • Pls respond: Select the right response to a text message from your boss
  • No signal: Plug the right cable into the overhead projector
  • Stay alert: Keep mashing the button to stay awake during a boring meeting
  • Cookies: Relive those wonderful Windows 95-style pop-ups and try to click the right button to accept cookies

Despite there being only 4 mini-games, ASAP Plz is surprisingly addictive. With a limited time-frame for each, it becomes insanely intense and very easy to select the wrong button. If you do well, you repeat the mini-games, but with a tighter time-limit and more confusing button options.

Make too many mistakes and its game over, with your final score displayed on screen. It’s fun to challenge your friends to beat your score.

Best of all the game is completely free! It’s playable in-browser, and as a ROM to play on your Mega Drive/Genesis emulator of choice.

Plus, from what the site says, you can enter your details to receive information on a physical Mega Drive cartridge, complete with clamshell case. Very exciting.

Ultimately, ASAP Plz won’t be something you’ll play endlessly for years to come. But it’s a fun little romp and a nice thing for the teams involved to release. Plus it’s totally free – so well worth trying it out 🙂

You can find out more and download ASAP Plz, here.


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