Analogue cuts out bots and scalpers

In the era of bots getting their hands on PlayStation and a few dozen graphic cards, Analogue has released some bot proofing measures. In a press release, the company announced how they will be dealing with bots and scalpers during the next pre-order window.

Analogue will be implementing robust bot protection on the Analogue Store

While a product is in Pre-order, Analogue will be monitoring resale websites like eBay to report scalpers reselling Pre-orders (resales of Analogue products that the seller does not have in their possession). This is against eBay’s policies and we will be reporting these listings to eBay directly. All pre-orders found to be listed for resale will be cancelled.

2021: Pocket, Bots, Scalpers, Limited Quantities vs Limited Editions and Customer Support – 2/22/21 – Analogue

They also cleared up issues over terminology and different categories used on the site. They’re making it one hundred percent clear on the terms “Limited Editions” and “Sold Out” to help those that are confused.

Analogue Press Release

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