An authentic Shenmue music box is being sold by Wayô Records

Shenmue is one of my most cherished video game series of all time; It was one of the first games that truly opened my mind to what video games could be. Who would have thought knocking on doors and opening drawers could be so fun? The game was elevated by the absolutely gorgeous soundtrack by Ryûji Iuchi, who created the iconic Shenhua’s Theme.

What if I told you one company took that wonderful tune and created a music box around it? Wayô Records, a UK-based record label, works with Japanese video game and anime composers to deliver their music in unique ways. Here’s a small description of what they do:

We work hard to pick and deliver the very best of Japanese videogame soundtracks and solo works from various composers. We are working directly with major game companies and publish officially many soundtracks for the international market.

Wayô Records

One of the record label’s signature products are these beautifully crafted music boxes. In their latest release, they hand-crafted a Phoenix Mirror-inspired music box, with Shenhua’s Theme etched inside. The music box was crafted with the help of Shenmue composer Ryûji Iuchi.

This product is officially licensed and supervised by SEGA themselves. There is a Collector’s Edition of the music box, which includes an autographed music sheet of Shenhua’s Theme by Ryûji Iuchi. There’s only 250 units of the Collector’s Edition, Shenmue fans, so it would be smarter to whip out that credit card sooner than later.

The full product description, courtesy of Wayô Records:

  • Melody composed and arranged by composer Ryûji Iuchi (Shenmue)
  • Collector Edition limited to 250 units, includes the handsigned score by Ryûji Iuchi
  • Performs the melody from Shenhua’s Theme (30 seconds, looping 10 rounds), entirely automatic (without handle)
  • 220mm (width), 120m (depth), 55mm (height)
  • Wooden box crafted in noble materials 
  • Precision mechanism made of a rotary cylinder and 30 pins
  • Shipped in a quality padded package with Shenmue’s designed logo
  • Licenced by SEGA
  • Produced, published and distributed by Wayô Records

This Shenmue music box will cost you 274,80 €, or roughly $326.07. Pre-orders are now open and will arrive sometime in the fall. You can pre-order your own box here.

That music sheet signed by the Shenmue composer sounds extremely enticing. Is this box calling out to you, Shenmue fans? Share your thoughts with us below!

Wayo Records

Marcin Gulik

Live and learn everyday. Dreamcast and Shenmue are the epitome of gaming!
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