Aiai has a spooky treat for Halloween with Cooking with Aiai

Who doesn’t love some spooky content for Halloween? Especially if it’s a cooking recipe, you can make for a party or enjoy while watching some scary movies! SEGA and Super Monkey Ball got you covered! The Super Monkey Ball Twitter account has posted another Cooking with Aiai video. The concoction this time is Banana Pumpkin Pie! You can check out the original tweet with the video below. 

These cooking videos continue to be a treat to watch. Each one is made with such care and craft by everyone involved. The set design and Aiai’s costume are adorable. No one can deny that! Also, utmost respect to the editor to put the measurements for each ingredient into the video. There are so many cooking videos online that forget that VERY critical detail.

I never thought to mix banana with pumpkin pie. But the finished pie in the video looks quite delicious! The mixture of banana and pumpkin is a combo that should taste like a sweet treat on a fall spooky night. It probably tastes better than banana mixed with chili dogs. Why Aiai thought to mix those together with Sonic I still do not understand.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is available now for all major consoles. You can buy the game at any of the links below. Are you going to try some Banana Pumpkin Pie? Let us know after the links!

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