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Action rouge-like ScourgeBringer comes to mobile

After landing on PC and consoles, ScourgeBringer now makes its mobile debut!

The scourge must be purged. Following a successful release on consoles and PC, ScourgeBringer the action roguelike form Flying Oak Games, will be landing on mobile devices. In collaboration with mobile game developer PID games, players on both iOS and Android devices will now get the chance to save humanity as a lone warrior trapped in an impossible labyrinth beyond time and space.

The mobile announcement for ScourgeBringer was accompanied by an announcement trailer and press release revealing a release of September 13, 2022. The trailer showcases the key gameplay mechanics, as well as the sharp pixelated presentation of the game as well.

ScourgeBringer puts players insde an elaborate vessel that has laid waster to the planet, dubbed the Scourgebringer from survivors. One lone warrior, who has learned all she can in the fields of combat and survival, enters the labyrinth. They say that the warrior must defeat five Judges within the complex in order to end the the reign of the Scourgebringer, but no one ever survived.

Trapped in a labyrinth beyond time and space, the game is an action rogue-like, where players jump slash, and shoot their way through enemies. Each Biome features multiple rooms filled with enemies, with one continuing the Judge blood necessary to face that biomes final boss, the Judge itself. Live, die, and repeat until you destroy the Scourgebringer.

ScourgeBringer shows the best of indie game development!

ScourgeBringer is a shining example of the game development process and how to branch out to various platforms. ThomasĀ Altenburger and Florian Hurtaut, the two halves of Flying Oaks games made one of my favorite games ever, NeuroVoider. After striking solid success with NeuroVoider, moved on to make this latest title.

Over the coming years, dev blogs revealed the deep process of making an indie game. Tons of work goes in, from the construction of gameplay mechanics to writing the code for adaptive enemy A.I. After a time in Steam Early Access, ScourgeBringer released for Steam, Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox platform on October 21, 2020.

Critically and commercially acclaimed by players and critics, myself included, ScourgeBringer came to PlayStation systems on April 19, 2022. In fact, this was one of the very last games on PlayStation Vita before new releases went away for the handheld in Summer of 2021.

Players face off against gargantuan bosses in ScourgeBringer, known as Judges.
Players face off against gargantuan bosses in ScourgeBringer, known as Judges

This is the kind of game that shines an example of what indie games can do with care and effort. It is a fulfilled game. The game offers polished, tight and refreshing controls. It’s a game that is challenging but also gives players a chance. It doesn’t punish the player into a pulp and expect progress. Rather, it encourages players to keep trying to achieve success.

Some roguelikes simply punish the players without lending a hand during those first few tries. However, ScourgeBringer, like its predecessor Neurovoider, is all about giving players the resources to succeed. The game challenges them, while ensuring players have fun. While we eagerly await the next big happening form Flying Oak gams, players around the world can jump into the fight and save the world in ScourgeBringer.

ScourgeBringer will come to iOS and Android devices on September 13, 2022 with pre-registration available now. ScourgeBringer is available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

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