A talented coder got Cuphead to run on SEGA Dreamcast

The neo-retro title got a bit more retro!

Github user Aionmagan recently shared a project that allows a Cuphead prototype to run on SEGA Dreamcast.

In a YouTube video published Monday, you can watch Aionmagan boot up the game and briefly play. The prototype runs incredibly smoothly, and watching the Dreamcast logo boot up at the beginning is refreshing and nostalgic. However, don’t just take my word for it. Watch the video for yourself below!

Cuphead on SEGA Dreamcast

For those interested in contributing to the project’s growth, you can! Aionmagan also details how the code is open for anyone to contribute to help the Cuphead Dreamcast port expand. The original creator further explains the primary goal of getting the whole goope boss battle to work.

In the past, Aionmagan also worked on a number of other projects. Some projects include a Minecraft rebuild in Unity and the original multiplayer shooter Paint Killer. You can also watch gameplay videos from Aionmagan’s other projects on YouTube.

Could we ever see an official Cuphead port to Dreamcast?

In the comments of the video, one person asks whether Aionmagan would consider working with the original developers to sanction an official Dreamcast port. While Aionmagan likes the idea, the creator also explains it would be difficult as the port runs on an original game engine.

However, in an interview with Cuphead developers Studio MDHR in 2014, they state that a dream of theirs is to port the game to SEGA Master System. While the Master System is a couple generations older than Dreamcast, the developers are lifelong SEGA lovers and likely wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.

For now, however, if you want to play Cuphead on Dreamcast for yourself, the prototype file is available to download on Github. What do you think about the prototype? Do you want to see a full Dreamcast port of Cuphead? As always, share your thoughts with us down in the comments!

Via Github

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