A rise in new COVID-19 cases leads to cancellation of Capcom Cup 2021

Street Fighter League: World Championship 2021 was also cancelled.

Yesterday on Twitter, Capcom announced the cancellation of Capcom Cup 2021 due to the rising cases of COVID-19.

This marks the second year in a row that the pandemic shut down the gaming tournament. Capcom originally planned to hold the live event this February. However, as concerns grow surrounding the Omicron variant, the season final will once again take place online. The online replacement event will likely share similarities to last year’s Capcom Pro Tour Season Final 2020.

Capcom Fighter’s Official Statement

In addition, Capcom also announced the cancellation of Street Fighter League: World Championship 2021. The event, originally set to take place during Capcom Cup, will no longer happen. Unlike Capcom Cup 2021, however, the company did not address an online alternative for the Street Fighter competition.

In their official statement regarding the cancellations, Capcom addresses the shared frustration between them and the community. They add that while the decision was difficult, they place a higher emphasis on health and safety.

The entire esports team offers our sincerest apologies. Please know we share your frustration, as we wanted nothing more than to have this event return in a big way, but the health and safety of the players and everyone involved is our highest priority.

Capcom Fighters

The company intends to share more information about Capcom Cup 2021’s online replacement in the coming weeks. What do you think about Capcom’s decision? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

Via Dot Esports

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