A revival of SNES’ Nightmare Busters is coming soon from Pix’n Love

Nightmare Busters has quite an interesting history. Everyone here at Mega Visions is quite fond of classic franchises getting a second chance. Success stories like the Wonder Boy and Streets of Rage series give us the warm and fuzzies. Nightmare Busters was an SNES game that was in development and later cancelled in 1994. In 2013, a development team worked with the copyright owner to finish the game. And, surprisingly, it was released for the Super Nintendo.

This week, Publisher Pix’n Love Games and developer Aurora Game Studio announced a revival of the game. Titled Nightmare Busters: Rebirth, the game is a complete remake from the ground up:

According to Gematsu, here are some of the official features:

  • Entirely redone graphics, UI, and soundtrack.
  • Traditional hand-drawn animation.
  • Redone level design.
  • Gradual and readjusted difficulty.
  • Two-player option.
  • Several new modes added. (Speedrun, Ultimate, Museum, etc.)

As of this report, an official release date was not announced. If you’re wondering about what console you can buy this on, that’s a big question mark too. From the tiny preview we’ve seen, they’ve done a wonderful job recreating the SNES game. Just look at that art style!

Take a look at some more screenshots below. What do you think of the revival of a revival? Discuss!

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