A new Pokémon Presents is happening Sunday

You would think that because Pokémon Legends: Arceus just came out, The Pokémon Company would want to take a break. Right? Course not! A new Pokémon Presents will air on February 27th at 9 am EST. The runtime for the presentation will be 14 minutes. There has been no confirmation directly on what will be shown in the video. You can check out the announcement tweet below. 

So what could the series have up their sleeves for 2022? There are a couple of guesses; Developer Creatures Inc made a  recruitment advertisement for Detective Pikachu 2 recently. That could be one option! Could it be something massive?

Across the world, February 27th is known as Pokémon Day because it’s the day Red and Green was released in Japan in 1996. Could we see the next generation of the series announced? It’s not crazy to believe. Sword and Shield was released three years ago, believe it or not. It is around the time a new generation should begin development.

Whatever the series has planned, we’ll just have to wait for February 27th to find out. What do you think is coming for Pokémon next? Let us know in the comments below!

Alex Lehew

28-year-old gamer, writer, content creator, weeb, and Sega fan! I'm old enough to remember when you played Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on a CRT, or how weird Revelations: Persona is. Constantly begging Atlus to make Snowboard Kids 3.
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