A Hatsune Miku costume is coming to Fall Guys

Hatsune Miku Fall Guys

It’s a new season for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! This means there are tons of new costumes and cosmetics for players to unlock through show bucks and kudos. Plus, you will be able to earn new costumes and cosmetics. These usually tie into major franchises or partnerships. So what’s the next one we have!? Hatsune Miku? Am I reading this right?

Huh… Apparently, I am. It has been confirmed that a Hatsune Miku x Fall Guys collaboration is happening. According to the official Fall Guys Twitter account, the upcoming timed event will allow players to earn Miku-themed rewards, purchase themed items, and unlock Miku content with the Season Pass. You can check out the announcement tweet below.

This marks the first time that Fall Guys will do a collaboration with the anime community. There was something close when a costume was made for popular v-tuber Kizuna Ai. But Hatsune Miku is a whole other ballgame in terms of worldwide popularity. So, prayers up to the servers on the day the event goes live, because there is a good chance they will get slammed. 

Fall Guys is available now on all modern systems with cross-play and cross-progression. Are you jumping in to get all the Miku-themed content coming to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

Via Twitter

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