A cereal is happening for Sonic The Hedgehog 2

At this point, I should not be surprised by wild promotion for Sonic The Hedgehog anything. Heck, they are making fuzzy Xbox controllers to promote the second movie. And apparently, that is not the only thing coming out to promote the film.

SEGA and General Mills have announced a Sonic The Hedgehog Breakfast cereal coming to stores next week. The dish will have honey-flavored rings plus marshmallows based on the spin dash and chaos emeralds. There also will be a back-of-the-box activity, but no details have been shared yet. You can check out the front of the box below, along with a quote about the partnership from Senior Manager of Licensing of SEGA of America, Michael Cisneros!

“General Mills is one of the foremost brands in the food industry — especially when it comes to youth-focused products, so we’re thrilled to partner up with them. This partnership is a really fun and creative way to integrate some iconic aspects of the Sonic games into a whole new product line, and we’re excited to introduce it to Sonic fans.”

Michael Cisneros

Jokes aside, the cereal doesn’t look half bad! The honey flavor is a good choice for the rings. Plus the marshmallows look delicious and right on-brand for the franchise. Maybe this idea wasn’t too crazy for SEGA to cook up? Maybe this will give kids the energy they need to enjoy the movie fully! On second thought, maybe don’t load up your kids with sugar and force them to sit down for two hours.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 hits theaters nationwide on April 8th. Are you curious to try a breakfast based on the blue blur? Let us know below in the comments!

Via GameInformer

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