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6Souls, retro puzzler about a pooch and his hooman gets release date

What’s better than adventuring through a deserted castle to solve a mystery and possibly find treasure? Doing so with your hooman companion, of course! Meet Butch and his faithful man Jack, main characters of 6Souls, a new retro-style puzzle game from developer BUG-Studio and publisher Ratalakia Games S.L. Coming to most last gen and new gen consoles and PC on December 3, 20216Souls invites the player into a “retro styled puzzle jaunt to fight monsters, defeat bosses, untangle a web of very tricky confrontations and brain teasing events that unfold in what is a long, charming and eventful journey.” 

Butch and Jack begin their journey to solve a mystery and possibly find treasure along the way! Credit: BUG-Studio

Butch and Jack will transverse Clifford Castle, a long-abandoned relict of times long past. Getting into the castle proves problematic when the bridge collapses and they must climb their way out of the basement. Once there, they are approached by the first soul looking for a favor. What is this favor? We don’t know! So, it remains up the duo (and at times, solo) to find out what happened to the Clifford family.  

More levels, more fun?

Announced in a press release early this week, 6Souls is a unique game that enables the player to discover the story, enhance Jack and Butch’s relationship and untangle the mystery as you play. It is told through 10 different chapters in 8 locations, with more than 80 levels in standard mode and 120 in hard. At times you will play as Jack, and others-as Butch, and depending on the character, the gameplay mechanics may change accordingly. Small spaces require Butch to squeeze through and he alone is able to double jump.  

6Souls joins the impressive catalogue already available by Ratalakia Games S.L, several of which are also developed by BUG-Studio. Such titles as Don’t Touch this Button! Night LightsGynoug (review coming soon!) and Jet Set Knights take the 2D gaming world to a whole new level. Most games are available on a variety of platforms, even going as far back as the PS Vita, and range from puzzle platformers to visual novels. Reasonably priced, there’s no reason to not add a title or two to your library if that’s your thing.  

6Souls will retail digitally for $7.99 USD and is available for wishlist currently. Check out the below links for your favorite platform!

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