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2020 Olympic Games viewers delighted with video game, anime music

After over a year of delays due to COVID-19, and under constant scrutiny, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Opening Ceremony landed with genuine and colorful grace on July 23, 2021. Olympic Opening Ceremonies are known for showcasing the host country’s community and cultural heritage with spectacular effects. Tokyo, reportedly, did not disappoint.

Among the pomp and circumstance of the Olympic Opening Ceremony was a variety of gorgeous colors, flare of dances, and beautifully told stories of Japan’s rich history. Woven throughout the almost five hour event, video game music from several Japanese studios played, to the delight of spectators.

Fans took to social media to express their surprise and identify the songs played. Even though Nintendo was noticeably missing, music from Sonic the HedgehogKingdom Hearts, the NieR and Final Fantasy franchises, and many others, highlighted the impact video games have in the Japanese culture, and worldwide. 

The theme of Japan’s unique influence on the music scene has been a highlight throughout the Olympic athletic events, presentations and judging. Viewers have picked out songs from popular anime, including Attack on TitanSlam Dunk! and Haikyuu at different times. Gymnast Alexa Moreno, from Mexico, performed her floor routine to the tune of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

As the Olympics continue, viewers can be sure there are more surprises in store. After a year of world disconnect, it’s nice to see unity through our differences. Check your local listings and streaming platforms for more Olympic fun.

Listen to what has been played so far. What would you like to hear at the Games? Let us know!

Via, nintendolife.com, bandwagon.asia.

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